an accounting of my day in the various spanish terms for time, gleefully studying. i am not this disenchanted.

3 de la madrugada – nothing really happening; i just wanted to write “de la madrugada”.

6 de la mañana – hit snooze, pull a cat off my face.

6 con 4 – hit it again, wonder why all alarm clocks don’t have a standard seven minute snooze, pull a cat off my face.

6 y 9 minutos – pull another cat off my face, start thinking about the fact that the definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, but am interupted by a cat knocking something large and complicated off the top of the tallest dresser.

6 y media – decide not to run today for no particular reason, other than that my hair looks really good and i don’t want to ruin it.

a las siete en punto – while staring at a wall, i decide that not showering was a fool idea. walk to the store that opens at 7, say hello and buy milk and butter, overpriced toilet paper and a sponge for no reason. wave to the guard on the way home, who likes me now because i pay him 24,000 c each month not to tell people to rob my house.

8 menos 15 – between now and the time i leave for work, i decide on a hat, realize i have nothing that looks normal with a hat, decide that i never look fully normal anyway, feed my ferril cats, make toast and coffee, put the coffee in a thermus that will surely leak because my car is a mini monster truck and the street is swiss cheese, translate something for later destruction by my small but fierce spanish writing coach, set off my car alarm in my garage and forget how to turn it off until just before the point where i am murdered by the old lady who quite possibly lives next door.

8 y cuarto – am late to pick up d. which is irrelevant because she hasn’t showered today either. play with my stupid alarm all the way to work until i remember that i’m also driving herbie the love bug and he sometimes doesn’t like me. remember that boys are stupid.

8 y media – pay my car insurance in the lobby to a guy called Roy Odio, which translates to Roy I Hate (seriously, it does). remember that my last insurance guy was called Skeeter Daniels and then wonder what’s up with that.

de las 9 de la mañana hasta no se que – write stuff that seems to be useful, translate it for later torture, sum up the notes of a brutal meeting with the ‘DI’ department which i don’t even know what it stands for. respond to a couple of irate emails about one thing or another. attend a departmental meeting in which we spend one hour discussing the answer to a complicated question which eventually results in the canned phrase “it’s in progress”.

skip ahead because everything else is even less exciting than the above.

después de las 5pm – fight traffic, feed my ferril cats, feed them again becuase i am suspicious they might turn on me and eat me. eat the last portion of soup i made on sunday in order to not be quite so sad as to eat instant every night. read a thrilling book on how to write HTML. watch the news. watch the news in spanish. watch the news in japanese because i have it memorized now so it doesn’t matter. watch my cats destroy stuff until i can’t stay awake any longer.


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