self esteem is for sissies

i just re-read yesterday’s chronobabble. it’s sort of ridiculous how easy we can bend the exact same day into joyful, frivolous, nostalgic, or glum. we edit the present, we can alter the past, we will choose to erase entire memories at some point in the future. in fact, i think we edit other people’s days as well, convincing ourselves that they are where they should be. words spurt parallel lines from an often concealed wound: perspective. it means we are, at least partially, in control.

i just read a great line in fierce invalids from hot climates. tom robbins is simply divine at this particular game. it’s one of two books i’ve read in the last weeks that were spontaneously lent by friends. the other was science fiction for literary nerds. i’ll quote that later.

“Self esteem is for sissies. accept that you’re a pimple and try to keep a lively sense of humor about it. That way lies grace–and maybe even glory.”

take it from an 80 year old computer hacker. just once, let perspective beat the shit out of fate.


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