shaped by the ridiculous

Somewhere in Tom Robbin’s book, “Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates”, he makes an unfortunately cliché mention about how the ridiculous shapes us. Thankfully, Robins is a genius wordsmith. I can’t find the quote right now among all those other words. However, I feel nary a stranger to being “shaped by the ridiculous.”

For the sake of example…this morning, for no specific reason (yet no doubt several vague ones), my eyes did that watery thing that they do in inoportune moments. These things sneak up on you. It’s enjoyable, and surprisingly healthy, to fool yourself into thinking you’re strong enough, good enough, smart enough (and you typically are), but at the end of the day (or month or year), tears were still invented for a reason. They get shit out, regardless of what or why the hell.

Of course, for most of us that like to think that we are on the sane side of a fuzzy line…getting all watery-eyed for no reason is not exactly something we want to print on our private resume. Or, more accurately perhaps, tears go all liberal on us when we least want to show them, while in solitary moments we get stuck with some kind of optical constipation. In these cases, the universe typically (irony being the most “typical” aspect of the universe) steps in.

In my case, by providing an extremely painful crack to the skull on a water spicket, while innocently (albeit somewhat sadly) doing laundry. Now pain and the scary sight of red stuff…that is something we can cry over without requiring validity. And I did. It still does the trick, you know, crying. The universe takes that fact for granted, and it shows no regret at making our heads bleed (or hearts for that matter) in order to afford us the opportunity. That’s a surprisingly sane statement…which, not at all ironically, most will understand.


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